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Saturday, March 12, 2005

updates...still nothing done

I've just been working a little bit on all of my projects. Nothing's done yet. Here's the status list.

French Market Bag: done, but still need to take pictures before I drop it off at the LYS tomorrow for the felted bag competition.

Mohair shawl: actually pulled it out of the suitcase it's been languishing in for the last two weeks and knit about another 6" while RotK played in the background.

Koigu sock: Note the singular. Started to turn the heel at work last night, but had to stop and get the rest of my "real work" done before the shift was over.

Ripple afghan: Swiched it over to my Denise needles and knit another repeat of the pattern. Haven't really decided if I like the Denises or not. I like the lightness of them, but I'm going to have to get used to the stitches not sliding as easily.

Lana D'Oro fisherman's sweater: Pulled it out of the bag for the first time in over two years and fell in love all over again. But I still need help with it. It's still going to be a good long time before this one's done. Really need to make myself a chart or better instructions.

Knitpick's Stargazer Lily socks: Still just sitting in the drawer as three little balls waiting patiently for me to finish SOMETHING so they can take their rightful places on my feet.

Plan on taking some pictures of both my FO and WIPs this weekend since I got my camera charge back up. I'll put up the link next week.


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