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Sunday, March 13, 2005

No pics yet

Parents just left this afternoon and I've been lazing around the house. Got my market bag turned in at the LYS while I was out shopping with Mom yesterday though. Also bought some yarn to make her one for next Christmas. I'm not thrilled about the colors she choose, but since it's what she wanted, I kept quiet.

I've knit another 8 inches or so on the shawl. I think if I keep it in my room and knit a repeat or two before I go to sleep, then I might get it done for Easter.

And I successfully turned the heel on my first sock! It wasn't as hard or as time-consuming as I thought it would be. Just need to finish the top now so I can start on the other one and be able to wear them at least once before the blistering heat of summer hits.

And no pictures yet. I didn't feel like taking any since I hadn't really accomplished much. But now I really want to make Tempting from the site. And in a bunch of different colors too. Bad Carin, bad!


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