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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yay for storms!!!

I love me a good thunderstorm. As long as there aren't tornadoes in the area, I'm good. And the pup-pup isn't even freaking out about the storm. Very cool.

I've switched to the second bobbin for spinning my Jonagold. I'm still debating whether or not to ply this. My single's are about as fine as Trekking right now. But I did switch to the other bobbin about halfway through my fiber in case I change my other mind. I should have the spinning done on that tonight.

Then it will be on to my knitting. I'm neglecting my Grasshopper sock. I'm just not feeling motivated to work on it. So after the spinning's done tonight, I'm planning on starting a Miss Dashwood hat to go with the MDK baby kimono I made. Should be cute!

And I went over to Violet's house last night to help her with skeining.....but that progressed into both of us proudly waving our geek flags as we started naming the colors for her next shop update. And V? I've had that stupid song in my head ever since. Curse you!!! I can't say what song or type the lyrics or anything or that will give away the fun that people will have with these yarn names.

Off to spin! Just keep spinning, just keep spinning, spinning, spinning....


  • At 3:45 AM, Blogger Miss Violet said…

    Carin, I understand...
    you are a geek wo-man...

    And you KNOW the tune for that!


    <------sharing the pain, baybeee.


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