Keeping Me in Stitches

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

so much for that brilliant idea

I had been planning on mowing my yard today. About half an hour before my alarm was due to go off this afternoon I woke up to thunder and the sound of rain hitting the roof. Guess I won't be mowing the lawn. Even though it's only 70 degrees out and for once I wouldn't sweat to death while doing it. Stupid rain.

Finished the first Supermonkey sock last night. Worked a couple of hours on Cindi's green blanket.

And I got to tease my friend Sarah about some yarn that I bought to make her some socks from. I'm such an evil roomie.

MS3 and the SSP haven't progressed any further.

Phoebe's learning not to bark when she has the shock collar on. She's only be zapped about 5 times. Yesterday some ladies that walk their labs went by and Phoebe was content to hang over the arm of the chair and growl. I'm such a proud mommy!

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