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Monday, July 07, 2008

The Fiber Fumes!

Saturday in Estes was for the wool market. Mom and I only ended up staying about 4 hours before we were overwhelmed. I thought I restrained myself quite well. At least I didn't try to shove one of the baby alpaca in my trunk to bring home with me.

Here's the haul!

12 oz of llama roving that was just too pretty to pass up. It reminded me of a cup of coffee as a swirl of cream is being added.
llama coffee roving

At the same booth, there was this gorgeous 80/20 llama/silk blend. I couldn't pass it up! The silk content looks like sari silk was handblended in to the llama. So soft and squishy!
wool market stash close-up

From left to right:
Bonkers' Fiber merino/bamboo 8oz in Autumn
30/2 yak/silk cobweb lace yarn
Bonkers' Fiber merino/tencel 8oz in Raspberry
wool market stash 1

And that was all I got! Not too bad. I'm amazed that I didn't walk away with another wheel. Mom did though. Get a wheel I mean. She came home with a Schact Ladybug and it's so cute!

Coming up next in part 3 is my cousin's wedding!

ETA: I completely forgot the final item that I purchased that day!!! How I could forget an entire alpaca fleece is beyond me, but I did.
alpaca blanket


  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger Michele said…

    Very nice haul! I especially like the coffee one :) Though I did pop over hoping for a SG update....

  • At 1:21 AM, Blogger Brendajos said…

    okay that llama fiber is absolutely beautiful. I didn't get too close to any of the various fleeces beyond to cop a feel or two for fear that i would decide i want to start spinning too. I took home enough yarn to last me for a while



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