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Thursday, May 29, 2008

the blahs....again

I've hit a time of knitting/spinning blahs. I'm pretty sure it corresponds to my work schedule since it always seems to hit during the week after I work the weekend. It's like my body just wants to physically shut down for a few days.

So there has been little to no progress on anything. Here's the current state of the projects.

Rivendell socks - Being working in DiC Smooshy in Happy Forest. The yarn acts completely differently than what I was expecting. I was thinking it would be a little thicker and "smooshier" like it feels in the skein. But once I started knitting with it, it seemed a lot thinner and more prone to splitting. Bizarre. I'm still working on the patterned part of the cuff, but once I get to the plain part these should just fly.

Turquoise Monkey socks - Done in STR lightweight in Turquoise. I'm 4 repeats into the leg of the first sock. These are what I take to work with me, so they're seeing the most action these days.

String shopping bag - Worked on this quite a bit on Monday. I'm getting close to finishing the bag part of the bag. How close? I don't know.....I'm too lazy to dig out my tape measure to find out.

Llama fiber - Haven't touched this since the first night I sat down to spin on it. Maybe this weekend in between studying for my CRRN certification.

I forced myself out of my malaise tonight and did two loads of laundry and a load of dishes, so maybe I can break myself out of the funk.

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