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Sunday, June 01, 2008

critical mass

My house has reached it. At least it has according to the cleaning part of my brain. You that part. The little bit in the back of your mind that you can ignore most of the time and just live with the dust and not vacuum this week? It's throwing a screaming temper tantrum right now.

The list of what done/needs to be done (in the house):
-clean off the dining room table (90% done)
-clean out my purse (done)
-dust my dresser and nightstand in the bedroom (done)
-clean/organize my desk (done)
-empty the dishwasher and reload (done)
-handwash the stuff that won't fit (done)
-wash towels (in the dryer now)
-put away clean laundry (done...except for those towels)
-dust/pick-up the living room (done)
-vacuum the family room (done)
-take the recycling stuff out to the garage
-vacuum the whole house
-clean my bathroom top-to-bottom (sink and toilet done, drain cleaner down the drain in the shower)

(with the yard):
-mow (done)
-weed whip (done)
-move more rock once Eliza brings over the wheelbarrow (wheelbarrow's here!)
-plant the daylillies
-split the hostas and replant them

(with the fibery bits):
-finish the first shopping bag (finished!!)
-work on the Rivendell sock
-work on the Turquoise Monkey sock (did a few rounds before Mom left on Monday morning)
-pull out the stuff to make another Tulip sweater
-spin on the llama roving so I can get something pretty on the wheel (spun after Mom went to bed....the end is in sight!)

Now I know all of this won't be done in the next 48 hours, but a lot of it will. I think part of why I'm wanting to get all of this done is that I'm going on two different trips during the month of June. My brain knows that if I don't leave the house at an okay level, then it'll just turn into a dump between all my trips. And I know that by the time June is over, I won't want to do anything about it.

Back to the list.

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  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger Orghlaith said…

    You must have endless energy. After working all night with patients, that is amazing. BTW, which shopping bag pattern are you using?

  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Alcariel said…

    It's the Turkish Stitch String Bag.


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