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Sunday, July 20, 2008

One more night...

My weekend has been fairly uneventful. Full of lots of sleep, lots of food, watching Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Horrible....a pretty good weekend in other words. Only downside was getting a touch of heat stroke when I went out and mowed my lawn Saturday afternoon.

On the knitting front, things have been progressing. I finished the Tulip Baby sweater I was knitting in shades of blue/teal/grey in Galway wool. The turquoise Monkey socks were finished and washed. They have yet to be worn, but I may hang on to them to submit at the county fair in my hometown along with the Mystic Light shawl. The shawl will need to be blocked again before I take it home though.

Current stuff on the needles includes a pair of short Monkeys for a friend's birthday (if I get my butt in gear) or Christmas (if I don't). I also pulled out the plain vanilla socks I started in Austermann Step ages ago. Knit on those tonight while watching Dr. Horrible and I'm almost ready to do the toe on the first one.

Have also been spinning on some BMFA merino/silk in Sea. I'm probably halfway done with it. Hoping I can get that done this week.


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