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Sunday, December 07, 2008

a little parade

Time for a little parade of the stuff I've finished recently and what I'm currently knitting on.

First up is my friend Sarah's Birthday/Christmas present. Which I can't show you since she sometimes reads the blog. If you really want to see them, the hop on over to my flickr.

Next is my new winter set of stuff....Fetching, Calorimetry, and an adapted One Row Scarf. All were done in Malabrigo Worsted in Whale's Road.


And scarf
Malabrigo one-row

Next to last is the Tulip Sweater I made for Brogan, a co-worker's baby boy.
Brogan's tulip sweater - natural light

And now for what I'm frantically trying to finish. It's another One Row scarf (done right this time) for the nursing student I've been precepting for the last 6 weeks. I gave her a choice of three yarns (two colors of Lamb's Pride and one of Malabrigo), and she chose Lamb's Pride Worsted in Persian Peacock....which I think is a discontinued colorway. Here's how much I got done that night at work.
Jamie's scarf

Not bad...about 15 inches or so. It's grown since then, but I haven't moved on to the second skein yet. That might be later tonight after I get the tree set up. Time to go move the spinning wheel!


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