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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

another FO...

...but no pics yet. I was so pooped on Easter (had to work the nightshift and got off work in time to change clothes and go to church) that I forgot to have my parents take pictures of me with the mohair shawl. I'll have to remember my camera for the sit and knit on Thursday and have one of the ladies take a picture.

I love the mohair, but it'll be a long time before I work in something that fuzzy again. Frogging or tinking was unthinkable if you let the stitches set for more than 30 seconds. It's wonderfully warm and allowed me to wear a spring dress a little earlier than I would have, but it sheds like nobodies business. I got to share my wonderful mohair experience with anyone who came within 5 feet of me. Felt like I should have been carrying around a roll of tape or one of those lint rollers to offer to anyone who talked to me and walked away with cream colored fuzzies all over themselves. But it's done. Yay!

Moving on...the second Koigu sock now has a heel and about ten rows done up the leg. Thank goodness for boring nurse residency lectures that allow me to get some knitting accomplished.

Went to the LYS after the lecture and bought more Koigu for socks. Bad Carin! Must stop lining up more projects than I'll finish in the next ten years. Must work on Kyoto and start on Clapotis. Gah!


  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger SP 4 Alcariel said…

    Yoo hoo, it's your SP, stalking you in cyberspace! ;)

    I made a special SP blog, check it out!



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