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Monday, August 14, 2006

Party time!!! (the actual info)

Ok, ladies! I guess that we decided on Saturday, August 26th for the party at my place. Early evening until whenever we want it to end. We'll work out the actual time at SoP Thursday and then go from there. Feel free to bring/come in pajamas or something comfy because I have got plenty of places to bed people down for the night if you want to stay or don't feel up to driving home (at least room for 9 if people don't mind sharing bed and if someone doesn't mind sleeping on the floor, then there's room for where did I put that sleeping bag?). And oh yeah....bring a pillow if ya want to spend the night because I only have like, 4 bed pillows, but there are about 10 pillows that came with the sofa if no one minds having upholstry face come morning.

I'll have food and some (very limited) beverages....think milk and water and coffee...maybe some soda or something else. So if you want something besides that, then bring it on over.

I'll print out directions and bring them Thursday or you can email me at


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