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Monday, January 22, 2007

almost made it

I almost made my goals for the weekend. I didn't get to the post office, but I am planning on getting everything boxed/put in envelopes so I can get there Tuesday morning after the dog's vet appointment.

And I didn't get the ticker up on the blog because I can't figure out where to put it in the code. I'm using Ticker Factory so if anyone can give me some explicit directions on where to insert the ticker code, I can stop giving you call daily updates on how long it's been since I bought yarn.

Other than that, I got plenty of sleep, the dining room table and kitchen are clean, I've knit on both the baby blanket and the sock, and I'm done plying the roving on my wheel. One of my bobbins had quite a bit more on it than the other, so I must have spun that half a little thinner. Oh well. I still want to get that wound onto the niddy noddy and set the twist so it has plenty of time to dry. Then I can bring it to SnB on Thursday.

Off to cuddle the dog a little. She's been jealous tonight of all the time I've been spending with Grace (my wheel).


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