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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snowed in

Ok, people. I'm stuck in Algona. Tried to drive back to Omaha earlier tonight and it wasn't successful. I followed a snow plow out of town and made it 10 miles down the road before turning around and heading back here. The 10 miles back to town really sucked to drive in. Couldn't see the road at all and started fishtailing all over the place at one point. So it took me about an hour to make a round-trip of 20 miles. Lovely.

Knitting is continuing. I finished my Marble Arches socks at work on Thursday night...actually early Friday morning. Cast on for my second Trekking sock once I was back in Algona on Friday, but didn't make it any further than that. Then I started another Malabrigo scarf for a co-worker while I was getting a pedicure Saturday morning. I've got plenty of stuff to knit while I'm snowed in here, but I'm wishing I had brought my wheel along now. *sigh*

At least I'm safe and not stuck in a ditch somewhere. Keep warm!


  • At 4:53 AM, Blogger deawn said…

    Merci mucho for the yummy snacks you shared with us, last SnB. I plan to wait out the latest mass-snowfall with plenty o' pickled herring and saltines. It's good to know there are other snack foods out there nearly as tasty as my beloved Super-Hot Pork Rinds. I thank you, and my ever-hardening arteries thank you! Drive carefully and smooches!

  • At 7:32 AM, Blogger Judith said…

    Glad you're safe, girl! And now you have some cool knitting time while you wait it out!


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