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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

more stuff done

First off, just to get it out of the way......26 days since I last bought yarn!!

Sat down tonight with a dvd of Regency House Party (I love PBS/BBC "reality" television) and finished the co-worker's scarf from Malabrigo. Tis pretty! It's been washed and is currently blocking in the craft room. I'll have pictures once it's dry.

Finished the pinwheel baby blanket of doom at work Monday night. Just had to weave the ends in. Now I need to wash and block it. It'll go in the washing machine with my other laundry today (gotta love Red Heart).

I finally got back to the Trekking sock. I am loving the subtle color shifts with this yarn. The burgundy color is dark enough that when I'm knitting on it overnight (even with good light) I don't always catch color changes. Then I'll pick it up when it's daylight out and get to see this beautiful thing with all these color shifts. Amazing. I'm glad I'm just doing a plain sock with this yarn....then the colors get shown off.

And my sock marathon update. There is no update. I'm still working on the trekking sock (see the above paragraph), but it's going slow. I'm going to try and get the heel turned today/tonight and start my way out the foot. But I also want to make my other Marble Arches STR sock. Remember this?
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That's the one I want to make the mate of. I'm just having the same issues I had with the first one......the cast-on is 156 stitches. Yes, I typed that right. I'll get over it soon and probably work on that this weekend at work. The new nurse I'm training is taking the whole group of patients, plus she'll have the charge nurse duties, so that will leave me with nothing to do....except knit. Yay!


  • At 7:05 AM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    you know, while redheart isn't exactly the spiffiest thing to work with, once it's washed, it actually comes out quite soft. if you decided to do another one, though, give the "soft" version a try. or caron simply soft. it's got a pretty sheen, and softer to work with. it is a lighter gauge, though.


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