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Friday, May 25, 2007

Yay for movies!!!

I'm going to see Pirates 3 today at noon with a couple of co-workers. Here's hoping I don't fall asleep.....and that it's better than the second one.

And since I'm talking about movies, I'm going to point you all here. That's going to take you to the website for my friend, Sarah's, film school. This is the OTIS film festival for this spring. You have to put up with some commentary by a couple of acting students who are the emcees, but it's worth it. First up is Twilight Rain in its entirety. I've linked to an early 5-minute version of this, but the sound has been tweaked since and it's a wonderful movie. I cried. Go watch it. The next one is called Harold and it's cute and short. Third is Sarah's documentary, Blowing Sand. I'll admit that I haven't watched it all the way through yet (it's 30 minutes), but I fully intend to.

So go! Go now! And enjoy!!!



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