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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Since last we met....

I still haven't taken pictures of two complete projects. I gave Mom the Big Yellow Taxi yarn when she was here this last weekend, so I'll have to bug her to get pictures of it. And the Monkey socks in STR Rockstar are done, and have been worn, but not photographed. That'll be this afternoon after I get up. Here's the state of things right now.

Mystic Light shawl - Four rows into the final part of the pattern. I'm hoping to get this done this weekend and blocked sometime during the week.

Seastone Monkey socks - Started these right on the heels of finishing up the Rockstar Monkeys. I'm just two pattern repeats into the first sock since this is what I knit during work.

Leafling socks - Were frogged. I just didn't like how the pattern was working, or wasn't working as the case was. Planning on making RPMs from this doing two at a time on magic loop.

Spinning - I have started nothing on the wheel since I've been obsessed with keeping up with the ML shawl and not getting behind on the weekly clues. But the llama roving is still next in line when I finally get a chance to start it.

In a 36-hour time period this week, I did get a little letterbox obsessed and found 17 local boxes plus a hitchhiker. I need to slow that down a little or I'll have to start traveling further to find boxes. *sigh* Off to bed.

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  • At 11:51 PM, Blogger LoriAngela said…

    You must be working so hard on the shawl. I have been fondling my unwound skein and staring at the pattern. Left in the dust!


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