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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The Purple Rain monkey socks in STR were finished yesterday morning after work. So that makes 4 pairs of Monkey socks in a row. I really really want to cast-on another pair, but I've been pulled in a new direction.

I had been waiting for Rivendell by Janel Laidman to come out as a pattern. A Lime & Violet listener had pointed these socks out to me when they were available as a monthy sock club offering. The pattern is finally for sale by itself and will also be included in Janel's soon-to-be-released book.

Tonight, after I got back from E's, I dug through my stash to find yarn for these wonderful socks. Because I am nothing if not a LotR geek. Finally settled on DiC Smooshy in Happy Forest. And to get in the spirit of things, I popped Fellowship of the Ring in the dvd player. *sigh* Ah the college memories that come flying back with that one. I'm only 9 rows in, but I can tell I'm going to love it already.

Off to knit more and let my geek flag wave.

ETA: Three hours later and I'm ready to kick Lord Elrond in the head. The pattern for this sock said it was "stretchy" so I used US 1 1/2's instead of my usual size 2s. Ummm yeah. Couldn't fit the dumb thing over my foot. So it's been frogged. The leg will be knit on 2 1/2s and the foot on 2s. And I'm not going to bed this morning until I'm back to where I was!


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