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Saturday, August 06, 2005

It's time....

...for a major purge! I'm talking about clothes, junk, and basically everything that I haven't unpacked since I moved into my townhome 15 months ago.

I started going through boxes in my closet tonight and ended up with 2 very full trashbags. Now I've got to hit my hanging clothes and then it's on to the closet in the spare room. I couldn't believe how much stuff I had from my first year of college!

Oh yeah...and those patterns that went missing when i wanted to make my Harry Potter costume? Found them in a bag in the bottom of my closet. What they were doing in there, I don't know. So now I've got two copies...lovely.

I've been wanting to do this purge for about the last 6 months, but finally decided to start. Mainly because my parents, one of my mom's coffee buddies and her husband, and the coffee buddie's penpal from Scotland (with her family) are coming down to visit in a week and I've got to make the place look presentable before then since they'll want the grand tour. Yikes! I've got a lot to do!

At least my greatly-enhanced stash is now organized. I finally emptied out the last of my stuff from my old dresser, moved the dresser into my spare room, and stuffed it full of yarny goodness.

Now I've got to go finish clearing stuff off my bed so I can get some sleep before going to the post office with my last SP box and a birthday present for a friend.


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