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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I've been AWOL!!

Things haven't been as relaxed around here lately as I'd like them to be and that's partially my own fault. The patient census has been low at work, so I got staff reduced a total of 20 hours last week. Nice at the time, but not so nice for the paycheck. I'm still getting paid, but only at base wage, not shift differential. So when staffing called me on Friday, I said that I'd pick up some hours over the weekend. Worked 4 hours each on Saturday and Sunday, then worked my normal 12-hour shifts on Monday and Tuesday. So I didn't get my normal 3-day weekend to relax.

And I've got the party on Saturday with the knitting ladies. That means the house has to be vacuumed (which will take all of 20 minutes), but there are bigger carpet issues. For some reason, these dark spots started appearing on my carpet at the top of the stairs and in my dining room. They look really nasty, so I've got to haul out the big rug shampooer (is that even a word?) and clean the dining room and part of the hallway.

I've also got to figure out what I'm going to feed you ladies when you come over. I'm thinking a pot of nacho cheese with the fixings for nachos, fruit, veggies, and what else? Maybe some cookies too? I don't even know! Anyone who wants to bring something is more than welcome.

And the dog desperately needs to be brushed and given a bath. She's just looking kind of pathetic at the moment and I feel like such a bad mom since I've been neglecting her due to the work situation.

Knitting when I can. I've kind of stopped knitting on my current sock...not that I don't love the Lisa Souza yarn and the pattern, but it just isn't inspiring me at the moment. So I picked up the Silk Garden that I bought and cast on a clapotis. I've got 10 of the straight row repeats done and I think I can do 4 more before the decrease rows. Still haven't cast on for my simple knitted bodice from Stitch Diva. I did swatch for it and got perfect gauge, so I'll definetely be able to use some of the Lamb's Pride that I got last summer at Brown Sheep.

Just finished watching Walk the Line and I loved it! I need to get watching my netflix movies. My list just keeps growing and I'm not watching them as much lately.

Oh! And I just got a call from my church's organist asking if I'd be in town this weekend to sing a solo at church on Sunday. Sure! Never mind that I've never seen the song that she wants me to sing. She kinda sang it to me over the phone and I recognize the tune, but that's it. We're going to get together on Friday afternoon to practice. I don't know why I said yes. Probably because I hate telling people no. I even hate it when I have to tell patients no at work. Like one of my patients this weekend who wanted some ice cream, but he's has to have thickened liquids since he's got a swallowing problem. Ice cream melts into a thin liquid, so I had to tell him he couldn't have ice cream. Why do I have to be the bad guy?!

So, let's see. We've talked about cleaning, the dog, work, food, the party, church stuff....anything else? about a couple random pictures!

I was/still am a big sci-fi/fantasy geek. I love Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. And of course I had friends in college who were the same way. I made my friend, Angela, this Sam bear for Christmas a couple years ago. None of it was sewn, it was all done with that heat 'n bond stuff that you can iron seams together with. Aside from that I was very proud of this little guy. I even made all the little pots and pans for the back pack and he's got his little bedroll and the elven rope there too. I'm such a dork!

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  • At 4:20 PM, Blogger Miss Lime said…

    I forgot that the party is this weekend! Luckily, Violet reminded me. So when is your shindig starting, how do I get there, and what all should I bring?

    Email me back if you can at Thanks! :)

  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    i'll bring food, but should i bring knit-friendly food, or something substantial like pasta salad? and of course, i'll bring my knitting, lol. i need to get busy and google your address.

    and samwise beargee is cute

  • At 1:41 AM, Blogger Alcariel said…

    Bring whatever you want Minnie. I think everything else is pretty much going to be finger food, but I've got plates and plenty of forks, so if you want to bring the pasta salad, that's fine. And yes...I know it's 1:30 AM and I'm still awake. Stupid sleep schedule. I've got to finish baking the chocolate chip cookies.


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