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Friday, March 30, 2007

crazy week

Today starts my crazy week. Here's how it's going to be.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Work (12-hours the first two, then only 4 Sunday night).

Monday ( after I get off work at midnight): drive home to drop my dog off with my parents. Sleep. Coffee with the ladies and drop my car off to have the brakes checked. Sleep some more. Drive back here and pack. Sleep.

Tuesday: Fly to Boston for the conference. Attempt to find a yarn store or two with a co-worker/knitter.

Wednesday: Conference.

Thursday: Conference, then fly back here. Get in about midnight. Parents should have gotten to my house slightly ahead of me with the pup-pups in tow. Sleep.

Friday: Try to find an Easter outfit. Sing and play bells for Good Friday service. Sleep.

Saturday: Work 11-7.

Sunday: Easter service. Do laundry. Lunch. Collapse.

Monday: Work?

Tuesday: Work

Wedneday morning: Leave to visit Sarah for a week.

And that takes us through April 18th. I have one word for you......oy.


  • At 6:56 PM, Blogger puck said…

    in boston you should go to newbury yarns (on newbury street, i am not sure of the number, but it is on the right side of the street as you are walking away from mass ave and toward the public gardens)
    and if you get over to cambridge, very near to porter square (red line outbound-west) is mind's eye yarns (lots of hand dyed stuff and she has some roving as well) it is past a pizzaria uno and a pier is a big pink house.
    also in cambridge, in harvard square is a store i cant remember the name of but if you get out of the harvard square t stop and walk toward the bombay cafe ( a great indian restaurant by the way) on the same side of the street, sort of below where the restaurant is, is where the store is hidden. i'll try to track down the name since that is pretty vague
    anyway, boston is where i did my residency and is 22my most favorite place in the whole world so let me know if i can help you find anything else


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