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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What I've learned from my dad....

My parents came down to visit this last weekend and I had a "honey-do" list for my dad. I had some general housekeeping stuff that I didn't know how to do and Dad likes to teach me so I can be as independent as possible. That's how I ended up being the only one of my college friends who had all the tools and actually was able to change her own tire.

So we started off Saturday with the toilet in my spare bathroom. I never use this bathroom simply because the toilet would not shut off. Then I'd have to lift the lid of the tank and pull up the little float to get the water to shut off. Now, Dad's not all that fond of reading directions on stuff and he's replaced the inner workings of a toilet before. So we got the water shut off, all the old innards pulled out and started putting stuff back together. Water back on, tank filling up and suddenly Dad's getting squirted because he forgot to have me connect a little rubber hose to the doo-hickey (highly technical term). Water off again. Connect the hose. Water back on (slowly)...everything's going fine, so Dad tells me to turn the water all the way on. All of a sudden, the inflow tube (where the water goes into the tank) shoots straight up in the air and we have a geyser! Water off again. Directions fished out of the trash. Oh...gee....there's a locking mechanism!! Take the whole thing apart again. Follow the directions this time, and now I've got a toilet that works! Here it is....finished....and looking all innocent. Like it wasn't shooting toilet water at me three days ago.
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Next up was a Christmas/birthday present. Mom got this shelf handmade for me by some guys in my hometown called Chips Off the Old Block. It's oak and very heavy. Of course, we had to go to Home Depot and buy Dad a new toy (a studfinder) so we could hang this thing. But now it's up!!
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Dad also cleaned out the trap of the sink in my bathroom (now the water actually runs down the drain instead of sitting there being a mosquito breeding ground), and put together a shelving unit for my basement.

And now onto pictures!! Minnie wanted to see...

....a picture of me in band. This is a very bad picture of my concert band senior year. I'm the one smack in the middle of the front of the perks of being first-chair oboe.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket true sock yarn stash. No, I did not cheat!! I've got everything there for sock yarn that I currently possess. Including my current sock-in-progress.
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....all the socks that I've knitted and kept for myself. Yes, there are dirty ones in with the clean, but this was the only way to get them all in there. And, of course, Phoebe had to investigate.
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Deawn...I'm working on yours, but I have no clue what your first pic you wanted is. I never took french in school!! So either break out the English, Spanish, or Norwegian if you want me to know what you're telling me to take a picture of.

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  • At 6:46 AM, Blogger Andrea said…

    I looked at your pic of your stash and went WOAH! But than I realized that mine is probably the same size, if not bigger.

  • At 7:10 AM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    if you want, i can scan that picture so we can see it better, lol!

  • At 10:07 AM, Blogger jeannie said…

    Man, I've got some band & choir pictures like that. We never had coordinated clothing though. I played flute, and sang second soprano in the choir & special group.
    I love your sock yarn stash. I better get busy -I don't have but three, no, four pairs of handmade socks.
    Bravo on the toilet. I learned years ago to do all that stuff myself and I never have to wait for someone else (usually a man) to come and fix stuff.
    As a matter of fact, I'm going to repair the sheetrock in my apt. this weekend. The ceilings were torn into to replace the plumbing and run it to the 2nd floor apts. Some apts have waited 3 weeks for the guy to come fix the sheetrock. I'm NOT waiting -I'll do it myself. ('cause I Can.) :0)


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