Keeping Me in Stitches

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I let my church's DCE talk me into playing dodgeball this afternoon. It was a combined meeting for Young Adults (that I'm part of) and the youth. Can I just say....


I haven't had that much physical activity in a while and I'm starting to feel it. Even driving away from the school (where we played), I had trouble steering my car. I normally drive with my right hand on the wheel, but my shoulder was basically numb and I couldn't turn with just my right hand. My butt and legs are feeling it too and I can tell I'm going to regret not stretching beforehand. But who stretches for dodgeball?

Now I'm off to knit a quick Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting for one of the girl's in my Bible study who just had a baby girl a week ago.


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