Keeping Me in Stitches

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


That's what I've got in my backyard at the moment.

The landscaper guys I hired to re-sod the backyard finally came today. I think they've spent most of the day 1)cutting what was left of the backyard into strips with and insanely loud machine right outside my bedroom window while I was trying to sleep, and 2)using SHOVELS to pull up the strips, put them in wheelbarrows and take them to a truck that's blocking my driveway.

So I can't leave the house, or let the puppy out since the backyard is her domain and she refuses to pee in the front yard. I may just force her to, but she hates change.

That reminds me....I need to email E and tell her I may be late tonight because of the giant truck of dead grass that's blocking me in.

But at least all of this will lead into a backyard with real grass (not giant dandelions and thistles and other unidentifiable weeds) and maybe a knitting group party later this summer.

Off to bake and try to make myself presentable or at least less smelly.



  • At 8:57 PM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    hey, S&B is at pizza shoppe this week. tara's out of town for some SCA event


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