Keeping Me in Stitches

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Once again...

....working the weekend is kicking my butt. It's great to only get about 5 hours of sleep and then have to go back for a third 12-hour shift. It's also kicking me in the knitting category.

I've been trying to knit on my second Serendipity sock and if I hadn't worked the weekend, I'd probably have it done by now. There's half a repeat left on the leg before I turn the heel. I've also started the heel gusset on the first Austermann Step sock, but that's going slow because it's my purse project to be pulled out for mindless knitting time. The leaf lace shawl is my at-home-only project so it'll just have to wait. I have moved it over my Options needles and I love the ease of putting a lifeline in on them. Also the pointier tips (vs the Denise needles it was on) are great.

One more night of work, then tomorrow I'm making cheesy potato soup and Irish soda bread to take out to E since she's getting over the creeping crawling crud that's being passed around. I just hope I'm immune.

Hmmm....maybe I should grab a surgical mask at work tonight....just in case.


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