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Monday, January 28, 2008

Two down!

Two patterns have been written, one has been sent out to the test knitters. I haven't sent the other one simply because I'm waiting on a couple of people to get a free account on the system I'm using. I'm lazy and don't want to do attachments to emails.

Now it's time for a little food/knitting/movie break, then I try to bust out the third one....or at least get a start on it.

And can I just rant a little? Don't companies have people testknit their stitch patterns? I'm using about 17 different stitch pattern books and liked the looks of one picture better than another. Then as I was writing it out, I thought it looked funky so I pulled out the needles to knit a swatch. Sure enough, instead of the little motifs I was looking for, I got zigszags of eyelets. Went to the book with the picture of a similar pattern that I didn't like as well. That one came out with the motifs the way I wanted them. What the heck?!? Needless to say, I used the second one because I just wasn't in the mood to rewrite a stitch pattern that should have been correct in the first place.

Now I'm done.

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  • At 7:12 AM, Blogger Orghlaith said…

    Which book has the mistakes?

    I get a strange delight when I find out I am not the only night owl hooting around late at night.

    There should be an all-nighter at yarn stores. What fun that would be!

  • At 7:17 AM, Blogger meg_knits said…

    Sadly, I find discrepancies in stitch pattern books all the time. At first I chalked it up to my own stupidity in being unable to follow simple written instructions. Now I know.

    It ain't me.

  • At 10:20 AM, Blogger Alcariel said…

    The one with the problem was Lace & Eyelets by Interweave Press. It was one of the snowflake patterns.


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