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Thursday, April 21, 2005

a little more

No new pictures, but I did get a few things done knitting wise in the last couple of days. Namely, turned the heel on my first sock of the Knitpicks Stargazer Lily sock yarn. I'm loving the way this yarn works up the varigation. Pictures once this sock is done.

And I finished the other front piece of my Kyoto. That just leaves the sleeves, the collar, and to finish the sash. I think I'll block the back the two front pieces this weekend, then I can work on the sleeves while that's drying. Block the sleeves while I'm seaming the body together and doing the collar. Then I can seam those on and complete the sash. Dang it! That's more work than I thought I had left. And I was feeling so accomplished.

I had to set aside Clapotis for a while because Kyoto wasn't making any progress. Think I'll treat myself the rest of the night and work on that and my sock while I'm trying to stay awake and watch movies. Stupid night shift. *grumble*


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