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Thursday, December 01, 2005

As promised...

Here are the pictures that I promised yesterday. Sadly, no knitting content, but there is cuteness nonetheless.

First, the soul-sucking entertainment center. Only one more bookshelf left to assemble for the other side.
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Maybe this is the reason my dog is so hyper! Miss Phoebe loves to chew the caps off of plastic bottles and I found it hilarious that she was so intent on getting the cap off the Cherry Coke. Maybe she needed the caffeine to refuel?
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Finally, my dad and his new hunting puppy, Cozi (pronouced like cozy). This actually about 5 minutes after he got the dog and was showing her off to the neighbors. They happened to have gotten a pheasant that day and wanted Dad to have a picture of Cozi with "her first bird". Dad was very pleased when Cozi immediately started biting the pheasant's butt.
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And after all that, she was just pooped out and fell asleep in Dad's arms.
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Although she's enough of a diva that she couldn't keep her eyes closed for the close-up.
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