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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday picture insanity

So here's just some of my pictures from this past Christmas weekend.

First off, I finished the shawl for my friend, Sarah. Here's an edge while it was pinned to my bed blocking.
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And here's the whole thing on me at SoP. Erin was great enough to take this for me in the middle of our crazy Christmas party.
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And here's Erin and Lorna just being their usual nutty selves, but with some Christmas spirit thrown in....or maybe it was the Jack Daniels soaked pecans that were in Minnie's brownies.
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Of course, Yoda presided over the whole thing.
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And Mom and Dad modeled the Christmas presents I knit for them. Dad's got an Irish Hiking Scarf out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, and Mom's is a Clapotis in Tuscany out of Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb.
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That's it for now. I'll have to take pictures of my Christmas haul, plus share my good news from work this weekend.


  • At 10:19 PM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    aw come on, i wanna see all that you bought last week! and it's fine if you want to buy that priestess (pink) t-shirt. we can use all the yarniverse priestesses we can get!

  • At 9:04 AM, Blogger TitaniumRose said…

    Must get tattooed.... must get tattooed... Seriously, Minnie and I would go with and hold your hand. =)

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    yes, indeed i would (granted, i may actually decide to bring my knitting along, for the bits where you didn't need hand holding). TATTOO, TATTOO!

    and yes, we need to be the three priestesses of the yarniverse! buy that shirt (if i don't buy it for you, lol, what was your size again?)

  • At 9:19 PM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    i finished flower basket yesterday, and washed & blocked it at my mom's this afternoon. you have to be there thursday, i'm going to bring it, before i mail it.

  • At 8:34 AM, Blogger Alcariel said…

    I won't be there Thursday....gotta work again. Stupid work. Take lots of pictures for me.


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