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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What to say

Things have been fairly quiet around here. I got back late Sunday night from a great weekend home with my parents. There was knitting and marching bands. Good times. Sadly, no pictures because I left my camera charging in my living room.

Knitting projects. Let's see. How about a numbered list?

1. Green Blanket of Doom - I'm over halfway done with the third stripe out of eleven (I think). I may end up making this shorter just to get it done by the end of October. I promised my friend that it would be first anniversary present. Just need to get my butt in gear.

2. Johnny Cash/June Carter chevron scarf - Love it, love the yarn, need to knit the green blanket instead. I pick this up when I've only got a couple of minutes to knit and can't finish a whole row of the giant blanket.

3. Chanticleer RPM - Just started the gusset of sock #1. This was my marching band watching knitting over the weekend. Got lots of comments from people sitting around me at the field show. It's pooling, but not in a bad way.

4. Cherie Amour - I've got 16 of the 31 rows done on the bottom of the sweater. I can't take this anywhere because I apparently can't count to 2 when other people are around. It's turning out great though.

5. Super Secret Project #2 - This is just in the planning stages, but I need to get going on it as there are several others waiting in the wings. All will be revealed in due time.....or should I say once upon a time?

And I think that's it! Back to the grindstone that is the green blanket.

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  • At 6:00 AM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    glad to hear you made it home ok. around here it's all band competitions all the time! liam had one saturday, the omaha marching exhibition was last night, and the lincoln invitational is saturday. then next week is a home game on friday, and then the omaha marching invitational saturday afternoon followed by homecoming saturday night! i'm tired just thinking about it


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