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Monday, November 12, 2007

BIG update

This is going to be picture heavy....just a friendly warning.

I headed home a couple of weekends ago to drop Phoebe off with my parents while I went to a nursing conference. On my way out of town, I dropped off the Green Blanket of DOOOMMM with Cindi, and she loved it.
yarn 003

This one shows the colors a little better.
yarn 002

And let's not forget that Eliza found a dog....or should I say that the dog found her. Miss Emma is making herself at home with the other three pups and carving out her own place in the pack.
yarn 001

The trees were all changing color while I was home. This one is outside one of the local coffee shops.
yarn 004

And Dad got two pheasants with the help of Cozy the wonder dog. We had them a couple nights later after they'd been marinated in italian dressing. Yum!
yarn 006

After the hunt, Cozy always does a bird inspection and stays by Dad until he finishes cleaning them just to make sure he's doing the job right. Once they're cleaned, then she goes in the house without a fuss.
yarn 007

And both before and after the conference, Mom and I worked on seaming together an afghan for the Rebuilding Greensburg project. This one is done and sent back in. Can I just say that I really really want to hurt the person who knit the one square out of fun fur? That square was awful to sew because of the fuzz and the fact that it stretched out and never really went back to size. But it's in there.
yarn 010

I finished the Johnny Cash/June Carter chevron scarf as well and got a lot done on my Cherie sweater.


  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    funfur? FUNFUR? may their wool be infested with moths and their malabrigo GIVE them excema! (how's that for a jamie farr curse!)


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