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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I made it!!!

I survived the conference and all the traveling that I've been doing for the past week. I am now safely ensconced at my parents' house and a lot has happened this week. How about a list? I like lists.

1. Got all the Greensburg squares sewn into strips last week while I was home dropping the pooch off with my parents. Told Mom that she'd need to work on sewing some of the strips together while I was gone since it had to be mailed Nov. 1. Got back last night and Mom had been busy over the weekend and first part of this week, so they're still in strips. I started sewing them together today.

2. Completed the RPM sock #1 in STR mediumweight Chanticleer.

3. Finished the Johnny Cash/June Carter chevron scarf while I was at the nursing conference this week. Pictures once it's blocked.

4. Worked on my Cherie Amour at the nursing conference as well. I'm starting in on the neckline decreases. Saw at least 3 other knitters at the conference and talked to two of them. The third one escaped before I could ask her what the fuzzy white thing on her needles was.

5. Found a yarn shop in Rochester and got a couple skeins of sock yarn (don't look at me like that Minnie!!!)

6. Got to knit at Tires Plus while the starter on my boss's car was replaces after it died in the St' Mary's parking garage and we had to be towed.

7. Got my hair colored and cut today. I'm now blond and have bangs!!!

8. Dad called and he got 2 pheasants today. After not getting any the last two times he's been hunting, this is a big thing. He called and was very pleased with Cozy. I'll get a picture of them with their birds tonight.

Tonight is going to be knitting, sewing together the afghan and going to see Fiddler on the Roof.

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