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Monday, October 15, 2007

not even close

I totally didn't get my list done. That's okay. It'll still be there next weekend.

Right now I'm in a little bit of crisis mode, but I can't do anything about it until the waking hours.

Here's the thing. I registered for this nursing conference that's about a 7-hour car ride away from me. My boss is going with. She sent in her registration snailmail in mid-September. I faxed mine in on Sept. 21. On October 5 (Friday), I called the office that's handling the registrations and was told by a lady that she was putting the confirmation packets together and they would be mailed out on Monday (which happened to be a holiday). I asked her to please confirm that I was on the list since the fax machine I had used had never spit out a little confirmation copy for me. I heard her tapping on the keyboard and she told me that I was on the list. This is important because the deadline for the conference registration is this next Monday, the 8th.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. My boss tells me that she had gotten her confirmation packet in the Tuesday mail. I hadn't checked my mailbox on Tuesday so I was sure it would be there when I got home. I packet.

As of the mail on Saturday, Oct. 13, there was no packet for me. I just checked my credit card transactions, and they haven't charged my card for the conference fee yet. I really want to go to this conference because I've already taken the time off work and it'll earn me over 3/4 of my continuing education credits that I need to renew my license next year. So I guess I'll be staying up later this morning to call the Mayo people and find out what the heck is going on. Because I certainly don't want to go up there on blind faith, enduring a 7-hour car trip with my boss only to be told that I'm not registered.

And yeah.....I said Mayo. As in Mayo Clinic. As in the place I did my 3-year nursing school clinicals at. As in internationally-renowned. And if they managed to mess up a simple conference registration and then have an office employee lie to me over the phone that I was registered, I'm not going to be a happy camper. And they will hear about it.

I'll update later.



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