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Sunday, February 08, 2009


I'm home from the Des Moines Metro Knitters gathering. Second year attending and it was even better than last year. Great fun to reconnect with people.

The State of the Knitting

County Clare Leyburns - Didn't touch them all weekend. They were too big a pain to haul in and out of the bag with a sock attached to both ends of the ball.

Hollidazed socks - Got a bit more done on them. Heel flap of #2 needs a couple more rows, then I can start the gusset and head out the foot.

RSC Queen of Beads socks - A very nice lady at the gathering (ToastyToes on Rav) helped me string the beads for these so I'll be able to start the actual knitting soon.

Fetching mitts for Rene - Knit entirely this weekend for a secretary at work. Just need to do the thumbs and weave in ends. Out of Malabrigo in a pink called Little Lovely.

February Lady Sweater - To be done with DiC Classy in Blue Lagoon. Swatched this afternoon when I finished the second Fetching and didn't feel like moving on to the thumb. Swatch came out great so I'll be starting the actual sweater sometime this week.

And now I need a nap! Who knew that knitting and talking for a weekend could wear a person out so much?


  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger Courtney said…

    welcome home, it sounds like you had fun :-) I cant wait to see the feb lady sweater :-)


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