Keeping Me in Stitches

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Since the pup decided she wanted a nap, I finally got the opportunity to block my first Clapotis! A gentle wash in the tub, then the use of an adapted "I Love Lucy" grape-stomping technique to squish the water out while it was wrapped in towels, and finally 30 minutes a knee-killing agony pinning the thing to the foam core I'm using for a blocking board. Pictures will follow soon. The camera's downstairs right now and I'm feeling lazy.

Cast on for the sleeves to my Kyoto at work the other night. I'm really glad that seed stitch only has to go for an inch and a half. Once Kyoto's done, I need to get going on Tempting so that I have something to wear for handbells come fall. Too much to do!


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