Keeping Me in Stitches

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Better now...

After 14 hours of sleep, my mind is refreshed and I'm not a gibbering mess. What a relief.

Drove to Carroll today to meet my mom and one of her friends and give her Toffee (the cute poodle puppy). So that's a load off my mind and Phoebe is very relieved to be the only dog in the house once again. Although she's being very sassy at the moment.

I've got only two goals tonight. One is to finish the socks for my DCE to I can give them to her tomorrow. The second is to get the second....pathetically small....package together for my downstream SP. I really need to get that mailed off soon or she'll think she's been flaked on.

If anyone needs me tonight, I'll be knitting and engrossed in Regency House Party and Voyager: Season 7.


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