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Saturday, May 06, 2006

happy joy and much tiredness

Two days of less than 5 hours sleep each does not a happy me make. However, my happy joy came in the form of seeing one of my patients move her foot that has been paralyzed a good 6 weeks. I truly do believe in miracles and I'm just so happy to have witnessed one.

Another happy thing is that I'm spinning much more consistently on my wheel and was able to fill a second bobbin with the cornucopia fiber. I'm going to be impatiently waiting for Thursday so Minnie can teach me to ply.

And speaking of Thursday! It was a small turnout at SoP and much quieter than normal. Lorna put the idea into Erin's head to go get icecream so we took Erin's car over to Coldstone Creamery (yes...I know we're lazy....don't really care). How have I never been to this place before now!?!?! Why didn't someone drag me there? World's best icecream made to order right in front of you. Amazing! I can forsee many trips there in the future.

I'll be at SoP today to see Ann and Kay, the Mason Dixon Knitters. So I'd better get to bed and get some more sleep even though I slept for about 12 1/2 hours earlier today. Hope to see you all there!

ETA: I almost forgot!! Miriam told me Thursday that she's got a hook-up to someone with alpaca fiber for all of us spinners. She's going to check into pricing for us.


  • At 9:26 PM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    and you didn't tell me this on saturday WHY? mmmmmmm i can't wait! and jen was just griping on her blog she's been spinning too much. can you imagine the yarn i could churn out? (i'm thinking saleable yarn at this point)


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