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Thursday, November 15, 2007

spin spin spin

I've been spinning like a madwoman in the last couple of days. I finished off the Crown Mountain Farms sock hop roving in I've Got You Babe. The singles are still on the bobbins and I'll probably ply those tonight.

Once those singles were done, I started in on the CMF sock hop in Magic Carpet Ride for Mom's Christmas present. It's okay....she knows about it. The roving is actually really similar in color to the I've Got You Babe, but there's more white in this one. The whole thing is spinning up a little lighter. I started that Tuesday night and I'm almost done with the first four ounces.

My Chanticleer RPM is progressing nicely. I had to attend a focus group at work today and I managed to finish the gusset so the rest of the foot should just zip by....if I can pry myself away from my wheel.

As soon as the RPM is done, I'll move on to my other two projects with deadlines. I can't really talk about either one, but I will say that one is for a friend for Christmas and one's something that Eliza needs to keep poking me on so I'll stay motivated to complete it (or the several its).

And I think that's it for me at the moment! Off to watch the rest of season 2 of Corner Gas. Then I can borrow season 3 from Eliza tonight.

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