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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Not much new to report here. Miriam and I decided that since there were only two of us we weren't going to drive all the way down to Nevada. We both had stuff to do around the house, and the extra time would help us get that done.

The Knitpicks order came on Thursday. It's mostly my mom's stuff. All I got was the Adamas shawl pattern and A Gathering of Lace. So many pretty ideas in that book.

The Zephyr laceweight was checked at Des Moines last night at 10. I'm hoping that it shows up today.

Went and saw X3 on Friday. It was okay. I guess I was expecting more from it and was severely disappointed that they killed off one of my favorite characters....they actually killed off 3 of the main ones. Then they completely set it up for a fourth movie even though this one has the title of "The Last Stand."

I guess that's it. In knitting, I started my second black purl sock and broke out the leaf lace shawl that I haven't touched in about 4 months. More updates and maybe pictures later.


  • At 10:46 PM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    i'm sorry you're not going. i may not go to iowa next sunday, depends on how mark's foot is feeling, and whether he's up to keeping the boys all day.

    was deawn as "on" as she usually is, on thursday? i may not be there this thursday as well, mark's surgery is thursday morning. sigh. why is it everybody schedules everything on thursdays? i also have court that day, as well. ugh.


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