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Friday, June 23, 2006

Whose fault is it now?

I can't blame Minnie for this one. Guess I'll have to blame Miriam. After all, she's the one who brought the yarn on Thursday to SoP. Gorgeous sock yarn that was only $14 for 450 yards. She let us fondle it and exclaim over the beautiful colors....then she handed out the business cards for a lady names Lisa Souza.

....I put in an order today. I've got sock yarn in the colors of Joseph's Coat, Pacific, Shade Garden, Sky Drama, Wild Things, South Pacific, and Little Devil coming to me in a few weeks. I also ordered fiber to faced leicester in Emerald City (I would have gotten this in sock yarn if she had it listed), and superwash merino in Elektra.

Lisa was really prompt and emailed me back a few hours after I put my order in. She suspects that we're up to something in Omaha since I was the fourth person to put my order in today. So fess up ladies!! What did you order?!

I'll put up a knitting/spinning/pictures post probably on Sunday at the earliest and Tuesday at the latest.


  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger the sideshow podcast said…

    Heehee...Alicia ordered a few today, and I've been at the site oogling the ones I had bookmarked before, but have valiantly resisted thusfar. :)

    (I -really- want shade garden and south pacific, but I'm hoping the boy wonder picks up on it for birthday goodness on Wednesday. :>)


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