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Friday, October 13, 2006

and away we go...

Off for another fun weekend of work. But at least this weekend I've got an orientee with me and she's taking the whole group of patients. So maybe I'll be able to make some progress on Christmas presents.

I was able to hand the SUPERSECRET PROJECT off to Minnie, so at least that's done and out of the way.

Reservations have been made at the hotel for my friend Mary's wedding. Twin Cities here I come! (Hopefully with Miss Lime and Miss Violet) I just found out a couple days ago that they don't have 17 yarn stores...they have TWO DOZEN!!!!!! I'm not even holding out hope of being able to hit all of them. Besides the fact that one weekend just isn't enough time, I've got to take into account the fact that I'll be going to the wedding and reception as well. But it'll be good to see some of my college friends.

Christmas present knitting....has been restarted. I'm about 1/4 of the way into present #2. I know there's less than two and a half months until Christmas, but I might actually make it.

Halloween? I've got to finish the second bun on my Leia hat and sew the whole she-bang together. Then I've got to do the dress. Maybe next weekend? I'm going to try to finish the last bun before I go to bed this morning. Should be able to finish that if the pup-pup will leave me alone.

And no pictures of anything. Every day that I've had off lately seems to be gloomy and overcast.


  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger dragon knitter said…

    kick me. i wasn't looking at the date, just saw "super secret project" and spaced the rest.

    sean wants to be roy from a video game called super smash brother's melee. fortunately, it looks like an easy costume. blue top, white pants, purple cape, and a big silver sword. woot!


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