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Saturday, March 29, 2008

just breathe

I feel like that's what I need to do this weekend....breathe. All week long I felt like a coiled spring just being wound tighter and tighter. I kept expecting to snap, but managed to hold it together. Ten hours of sleep yesterday helped with the relaxation and about 4 hours of spinning so far tonight has helped as well. I'll probably be able to finish of the CMF roving I've been spinning tonight. Plying will commence tomorrow/later today (it's not tomorrow until I sleep, so for me I still count this as Friday).

As is the norm for the weekend I work and the following week, very little knitting has been accomplished. I always take a project to work with me, but I just haven't been motivated to pull it out of my bag. I did manage to turn the heel and start the gusset of my second handspun Monkey sock in the CMF colorway I've Got You Babe. Also got the body of the Sorbet Tulip Baby sweater complete.

Right now though I'm going to focus on my spinning. I've got CMF Big Yellow Taxi that I'm spinning into fingering weight. When I'm done with that, I'll hand it off to my mom and she's going to knit socks for my uncle Jim. He's a huge Hawkeye fan (the colors are gold, black and white), and he has been doing my taxes for me for free as long as I've been working (detasseling since I was 13). He was almost giddy about doing my taxes two years ago when I bought my house. So as thanks for all the years of work he's done for free for us, we're making handspun, handknit Hawkeye socks for him. I can't wait to see his face!

I'm off to get food, watch the last three episodes I've got of season 3 of Smallville, and spin some more.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's smoothie night here at work! Yummy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

another weekend post

I guess I must be feeling particularly chatty this weekend. Here's a pic of the second Tulip sweater I finished. It's in the Sweet Baby Boy colorway from Coldwater Collaborative.
Boy Tulip Sweater

And then tonight as I was spinning the first 4 oz of Big Yellow Taxi CMF roving, this is what I kept seeing through my wheel.
Phoebe with wheel

I had given her a new bone as a distraction from the ball of fiber rolling around on the floor, and every so often she would just look up at me through the wheel and wag her tail. Too cute!

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the list

I knew when I made that list out that I was trying to cram too much into one weekend. But I did get a good chunk of it completed. So far I've done the dishes, picked up the general clutter in the house, almost finished the laundry (last load just went in the dryer), completed my first Monkey sock out of my handspun and cast-on the second one, and I think tonight is going to be a marathon spinning session. I've got season 3 of Voyager all lined up and ready to go. My cup of coffee is waiting downstairs and I'll get something more to eat for dinner after a bit.

Right now I'm going to go sit on my newly cleared off couch, drink my coffee, and try to soak up some of the overcast light from outside.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

some of the list is done

A very little bit.

I managed to get about 10 hours of sleep today. And since then I've done all the dishes except one cookie sheet that wouldn't fit into the dishwasher. I also worked on my Handspun Monkey sock (which wasn't on the list), and I'm just starting the toe. So that may take the place of the the baby sweater on the list for the weekend.

Nothing else really to tell. I'm thinking some nachos would taste good right now, and then I'm going to finish my sock.

Friday, March 14, 2008

making the to-do list

I have to find some way to keep myself awake at work!

Weekend to-do list:
-Clean the house, including:
-Pick-up the living room, dining room, bedrooms
-Do taxes and mail them.
-Do at least one part of secret project.
-Pack for going home on Tuesday.
-Finish spinning first 4 oz of Big Yellow Taxi.
-Finish Sorbet Tulip baby sweater.

I think that's about enough to be getting along with. Anything else I get done will just be a bonus. Like sleep....sleep would be a bonus this weekend.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

WIP central

On my way to bed this morning since I'm in the middle of working the weekend.

Handspun Monkey in progress on magic loop.
WIP Handspun Monkey artsy

Fibertrends' Leaf Lace's blurry, take what you can get.
WIP Leaf Lace shawl

Branching Out from Knitty...blurry again, deal with it.
WIP Branching Out

Austerman Step sock....mindless project for the purse
WIP Austermann sock

Tulip Baby Sweater in Sweet Baby Boy colorway
WIP baby boy tulip

And one FO!!

The original colorway of the Tulip Baby Sweater
orginal tulip sweater

And now to bed.

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