Keeping Me in Stitches

Friday, September 30, 2005

Cascading Leaves and a Pinwheel

Here are the pictures I took of the Cascading Leaves socks I just finished. They're made out of Regia Silk that the wonderful Nederlass sent to me.
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I finished the Pinwheel Baby Blanket as well. I actually did a picot bindoff, but you can't see in due to the stupid blanket rolling on me. Oh well. My cousin's baby won't care.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005


The pup was being a brat tonight, so after I shut her in her kennel I was actually able to finish my Cascading Leaves socks that the wonderful Nederlass sent me the pattern and yarn for. I'll have pictures after sit and knit tomorrow/today. Blast this stupid night schedule!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

the poncho madness must cease!!!

Don't ask me why I was watching the Martha Stewart movie that was on tv, but I about went insane while I was. Everyone knows about the Martha poncho, right? How it was crocheted for her by another inmate. In the movie, that inmate carried around a big bunch of grey yarn and knitting needles, not a crochet hook. And then Martha made the comment "You dropped a loop on your cross stitch." GAH!!! I was about ready to gouge out my eyes. You think that as popular as that stupid poncho has become, the producers might have at least checked to make sure that their facts were straight.

Sorry. Don't even like Martha, but I had to rant.

Friday, September 23, 2005

...and a good time was had by all.

Went out to Becky O's house tonight for a little get-together with the ladies from SoP. A lot of fun, some great knitting projects, and wonderful food. It was so nice not to spend another Friday night at home with the dog.

I finished the pinwheel baby blanket at work last night. I'll get pictures of it once it's washed and blocking

And tonight at Becky's, I turned the heel on my second Cascading Leaves sock. Hope to have those done to wear to sit and knit next week.

And for more good news, I was woken up about 2 this afternoon (after only 4 hours of sleep...that's not the good part) by a call from SoP that the yarn I'd ordered back in July was in. So I'll be driving down there tomorrow to pick that up along with a pair of size 3 double points so I can make Bubby bear from the latest Knitty.

Pictures next week.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

How can you resist...

...25% off? I obviously couldn't even though I've got yarn coming out my ears from my vacation earlier this summer. I went to SoP "just to knit and get out of the house". Came home with a huge bag of Cascade, Lamb's Pride Bulky, Nature Wool, DB cotton cashmere, and a couple of other things.

As if that wasn't enough, I decided to go to Joann's because I had a 40% off coupon. Picked out Knitting on the Edge and The Knitter's Bible along with some Red Heart Kids to edge the round baby blanket in. Get up to the register and find out that my coupon doesn't begin until tomorrow! Well heck if I'm going to drive all the way down there again tomorrow so I just paid full price and left.

Now I'm safely home, ready to embed myself in my knitting.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

knitting update

First off, a little spider update. The high school biology teacher in my hometown positively identified the creepy crawly as a wolf spider. Thanks to everyone for the help!

Since I'm lazy and haven't taken any pictures or finished anything since Kyoto, here's a written update of everything on the needles.

Branching Out: Haven't touched it since the disasterous morning where I had to rip out 6 repeats because I hadn't moved my stupid lifeline up. I need to get back to knitting a repeat before I go to bed.

Cascading Leaves socks: One sock done, and one pattern repeat into the lace at the top. This is my current work knitting.

French Market Bag for Mom: Haven't touched it in months. It's mostly done, I just need to knit maybe an inch or two more then do the handles.

Gryffindor scarf: Working on the 8th stripe repeat out of 14.

Pinwheel/Round Baby Blanket: I think I've got about 47 stitches in each section. Still have a ways to go, but I'm halfway done with the third skein.

Christmas present for Mom: Something she has no clue about, but I'm hoping she'll love. Mom, if you're reading this....just ignore it and don't ask me any questions.

Wow! Only 5! I was sure that I had at least 7 or 8 things on the needles. I may have missed a couple and I'm not counting my cable sweater that I haven't touched in over 2 years. But that's the list for now!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Eww and aww

Came home from work this morning, walked out onto my patio to let the pooch out. Just glanced down at my folded up lawnchair.

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See the little black speck in the seat? That was this.

Image hosted by

The disgusting thing's body was about an inch long and the legs gave it a diameter of about 3 inches. I have never in my life seen any spider that big besides on tv or in National Geographic. Eww! I ran inside, grabbed the camera and the can of Raid and sprayed the thing down after I took pictures. May I repeat...eww!!! If anyone knows what kind of spider this is, please let me know. I may want to have the townhome people fumigate my place if it's a poisonous variety. I don't even want to think of something that nasty being inside where I live.

So now to counter the eww factor, here's some aww!

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That's Phoebe coming out from under the hoopskirt and pettiecoat that are on my dressform. She loves running in and out of that thing and I was finally able to catch her partway out.

I'm off to knit the night away.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Here it is. Pardon the way I look. 90 degrees plus about 3000% humidity doesn't work for me.

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Strike up the band!

Kyoto is complete! I'll be wearing it to sit and knit tonight so I'll have pictures to post later. Now to go get cleaned up.

noon update

The sash is sewn on and about 3/4 of the ends are woven in. I've still got to seam down the arms and finish weaving in. I might make this after all!

Desperate times

I have no idea why I laid down on my bed and slept from 10:30 last night until 7:30 this morning. I'm a night person for crying out loud!!!! So now I'm in a desperate situation. I'm going downstairs, eating breakfast, giving the dog a pig's ear to chew on and doing nothing but seaming Kyoto and weaving in ends until it's done, dangit! I wanted to wear this to sit and knit tonight and I'll do it or die trying!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Not quite done, but in the meantime....

Kyoto isn't quite finished. I've still got to seam the sleeves, and finish seaming the sash on (that's about 1/4 done). I'll hopefully get pics on Thursday at sit and knit and put them here later that night.

In the meantime, I was tagged by Wavybend, who was my giftee for SP4. Here we go!

ten years ago: I was 14, and just starting my freshman year of high school. I think the highlight of that year was being one of only three freshmen selected for the very elite colorguard in marching band. The low point of that year would probably be my paternal grandfather dying on Christmas Day and my family being the ones to find him.

five years ago: I was starting my sophomore year at Luther, rooming with Sarah, who would later become my best friend and cohort in many crazy schemes (even though she tries to talk me out of most of them, but she's also an enabler). That was the year I decided to change my major from pre-med to nursing after organic chemistry decided to kick my rear.

one year ago: I finally had a nursing job after 5 months of searching. I moved away from home, bought a new car, and got a dog (who alternates being the joy of my life or the absolute bane of my existence)

five snacks: Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide or Chunky Monkey, lefse with butter and sugar, cheese (preferably co-jack), plain wheat thins, BBQ pringles (all in moderation of course)

five songs I know all the words to (and will sing at the top of my lungs in the car): 1) The Fox's Tale (Nickel Creek) 2) Don't Worry About It (SheDaisy) 3) Baton Rouge (Garth Brooks) 4) Nothin' 'Bout Love (LeAnn Rimes) 5) If You're Good to Mama (Chicago)

five things I would do with $100 million: 1. Travel everywhere, spending a good portion of time in Switzerland 2. Pay off all of my debts, and any of my parents' debts 3. Build myself a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast (I love to read) 4. Build myself and my parents each a new house 5. Buy yarn (of course!)

five places to run away to:1. Home to Mom's good cooking 2. Into a good book that I've read over and over so it's like an old friend 3. Into a good move (same reason as #3) 4. To a big bowl of mashed potatos with garlic and sour cream (yay for comfort food!) 5. A steaming hot shower

five things I would never wear: 1. A size 6 shoe. I don't think I've ever been a size 6 shoe. I think I went straight from kid's sizes to a size 9 in one summer. 2. A Size 6 jeans. See #1 3. A bikini. Even though I own several, I haven't been seen in public in one since high school 4. Anything backless. Tanktops are fine, but no halter tops. 5. A poncho
five favorite TV shows: 1. Lost 2. CSI (original only) 3. Star Trek: Voyager 4. The Amazing Race 5. Survivor (I have to admit that I'm ashamed of this last one, but I'm addicted to it.)

five biggest joys:1. My family 2. My puppy 3. Getting to see Europe 4. The group of ladies at sit and knit 5. Seeing something form while I'm knitting and seeing the joy in someone's eyes when I given them something that I've made

favorite toys: 1. My computer 2. My sewing machine 3. My dressform 4. My Rowenta iron (so nice to finally have an iron that has a steam button) 5. My puppy, Phoebe, she's endless hours of entertainment. Just her tailwagging makes me laugh

five people to pass this on to: I'm terrible. I don't know anyone to pass this on to who hasn't already done it, so if anyone out there is reading this and hasn't done this already, then consider yourself tagged. Post a comment so I can read your quiz and learn more about you!