Keeping Me in Stitches

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm a space princess!!!

Completed sewing the dress this morning, made a post about and Blogger was stupid and wouldn't let me load it. So here are all the pictures in one big batch.

First up: the dress on my dressform ( waist is not that tiny unless it's in a corset)
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And here's the group of knitters from the party. We had a bunny, Leia, medieval princess, Wednesday Adams, a flapper, and a warrior woman. I missed Miriam in this pic, but she came as Little Red Riding Hood and her boyfriend was the woodsman.
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And a pic of me with the hood up over the Leia hat looking angsty. "Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!"
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Stress relief

So after a night at work (the patients were fine, but the drama with the co-workers was insane) that ended with me having to send someone to ICU right at shift change, I decided to needed a little retail therapy to calm my nerves and allow me to get some sleep today. Thank goodness Blue Moon is such a quick thing.

I ordered Chanticleer, Rocktober, and Love in Idleness in medium weight. It's amazing a how buying good sock yarn can make you relax so much.

And to everyone at sit and knit last night....sorry I didn't make it. I just wasn't in the right frame of mind and didn't want my bad mood to rub off on anyone. So I stayed home, cuddled the dog and had a yummy dinner before I had to head to work.

Still sewing on my Leia dress. I may just make the hood out of some other fabric that I have and I've got to get sewing on it since the party's tomorrow!

Christmas knitting continues. I've got about 40 rows before I'm done with the current present.

Man, I'm boring!

Monday, October 23, 2006

a slight glitch...

So I thought I had enough fabric for my Leia dress. To be more exact, I have now cut out all the pieces of the dress, but I don't think I have enough fabric for the hood. In fact I know I don't. I think I'll be able to find some way to jury-rig one together from scraps and I know the light isn't going to be the best at the party, so no one look too closely at the cruddy hood that will be on my costume and I'll be fine. Sewing will commence on Wednesday and may take Friday to finish. We'll see.

I'm 75% done with the current Christmas present. And that's all the knitting I've done lately.

Off to watch more movies and knit away.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm gonna be a princess!!!!

Leia that is!! I finished the hat about 3 minutes ago, put it on and danced with glee around the house. I'll be sure to bring it to Touche tonight so someone can get a picture of me making a fool of myself so I can share it with everyone. Now I just have to make the dress to go with it.

Christmas present #2 is about 51% done. Haven't even thought about the other three and we're about 9 weeks out from Christmas. Yipes!

I'm gonna go finish watching RotJ, and then head to bed since tonight's a work night.

Friday, October 13, 2006

and away we go...

Off for another fun weekend of work. But at least this weekend I've got an orientee with me and she's taking the whole group of patients. So maybe I'll be able to make some progress on Christmas presents.

I was able to hand the SUPERSECRET PROJECT off to Minnie, so at least that's done and out of the way.

Reservations have been made at the hotel for my friend Mary's wedding. Twin Cities here I come! (Hopefully with Miss Lime and Miss Violet) I just found out a couple days ago that they don't have 17 yarn stores...they have TWO DOZEN!!!!!! I'm not even holding out hope of being able to hit all of them. Besides the fact that one weekend just isn't enough time, I've got to take into account the fact that I'll be going to the wedding and reception as well. But it'll be good to see some of my college friends.

Christmas present knitting....has been restarted. I'm about 1/4 of the way into present #2. I know there's less than two and a half months until Christmas, but I might actually make it.

Halloween? I've got to finish the second bun on my Leia hat and sew the whole she-bang together. Then I've got to do the dress. Maybe next weekend? I'm going to try to finish the last bun before I go to bed this morning. Should be able to finish that if the pup-pup will leave me alone.

And no pictures of anything. Every day that I've had off lately seems to be gloomy and overcast.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Things are progressing apace...sort of....

...but right now everything is currently on the back burner.

This is due to my need to knit for a SUPERSECRET project which cannot be mentioned, but I will say that I'm using my old stand-by dishcloth pattern for it.

Christmas knitting is going okay. I'm in denial. One present is completely done, the second one is started. One still needs to have yarn bought for it.

My Leia hat for Halloween is close to being complete as well. I've got about 10 inches left on the second bun and then it just needs to be put together. Then comes the sewing of the dress. I'm in denial about having enough time for this too.

All you in the peanut gallery....quiet!! I will complete everything that I want to get done. I am not admitting defeat until I absolutely have to.

And I have begun Operation Empty Stomach with my neighborhood cop. I caved in today and went into Betty Crocker mode. He got 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies....the last dozen were still warm from the oven, and yes!!!....I did put the rest into a container that MUST be returned. Yay!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Band Day!!!

I'm back, slightly sunburned, but I had a lot of fun too. Last Saturday was the 58th annual Band Day in my hometown. The parade was way too long, but there were some great bands. And the field competition that night was great. No close calls with bands not getting off the field within the time limit, but it was a great way to spend 3 hours. My high school didn't win the big prize and, in fact, they finished 3rd in their class. But the color guard (which I was in all four years of high school) won Best Auxillary for the second year in a row. We had won all four years that I was in school and then not again until last year.

I did take pictures of the two high school bands from my hometown marching in the parade, but they're still on my camera. To tide you over, this is a scan my mom did of me at State Marching Band my junior year.
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